How To Order Contact Lenses Online

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Ordering contacts online for the first time? Don’t be scared! It’s simple, we promise. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

(Already have a previous completed order you just want to repeat?  Click here.)

Step 1: What product?

Select the product you need from the dropdown menu at the top of our website.

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Step 2: How many boxes?

Fill in the number of boxes you want per eye.  Set it to 0 if you don’t want a box for that eye.

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Step 3: What prescription?

Fill in your prescription.

(Please be extra-careful in filling in your prescription, especially if you are ordering made-to-order lenses like XR lenses, Proclear Multifocal Toric, or Optima Toric. Custom-made lenses cannot be modified, cancelled, returned, or exchanged in any condition.  Return policy)

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Example Pictures:

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Q. What do the shortcuts PWR, BC, DIA, etc. mean?

[expand title=”Click to view answer”]Found in all prescriptions:

  • Pwr: Power or Sphere
  • BC: Base Curve
  • Diam: Diameter

Found in toric (for astigmatism) prescriptions:

  • Cyl: Cylinder
  • Axis: Axis

Found in bifocal/ multifocal (for presbyopia) prescriptions:

  • Add: Add
  • D/N: Dominant or Non-Dominant

Found in Acuvue Define:

  • Style: choose the style you’d like (Natural Shimmer, Natural Shine, Accent Style, Vivid Style)

Found in colored lenses like Air Optix Colors and Freshlook:

  • Colour: choose the color you’d like[/expand]

Q. Do I need to fill in all the blanks?

A. Yes!  If you leave anything blank for a box you are ordering, we will contact you later to get the missing prescription numbers from you.  Please note that this will cause a delay in processing your order.[/expand]

Q. I cannot find the exact numbers from my prescription when ordering.

A.  There are 4 possible reasons:

1. Are you trying to use a prescription for eyeglasses ?  Please note that eyeglass prescriptions will be completely different from contact lens prescriptions, as the glasses sit on your nose while the contact lenses have to safely fit your eye.  You need to sit down with your optometrist for a contact lens fitting, where you get a pair of trial contact lenses to see if they suit you first.

2. Are you trying to use a prescription for a different product line of contact lenses?  Please note a prescription for one product line may not fit other product lines.  This is because the parameters for one product line are not always available on another.  (Note also that different product lines are manufactured from different materials, which may possibly irritate your eyes if you don’t check with your doctor first.)

Check out this video from our CEO explaining why it’s important to get a contact lens prescription before you buy contact lenses online.

3.  Is your prescription up to date? Some measurements are sometimes phased out by manufacturers.

4. If you have an up-to-date contact lens prescription specifically for that product line and our website doesn’t have it, it’s also possible that it’s a new range of measurements recently added by the manufacturer.  In which case, please let us know!  We’ll fix it right away and give you a special thank you coupon for the heads up![/expand]

Q. How do I know if my prescription is for contact lenses and if it is up to date?

A. A contact lens prescription will always have a base curve (BC) and a diameter (DIA).  It will also usually include the name of the contact lens brand.

Please refer to the date of expiry stated on your prescription.  If none is provided, the standard date of expiry for a contact lens prescription is usually 1 year.

Q. Do I need to send you a copy of my prescription when ordering?

A. Nope!*  Just place your order and you’re set.

*The only time we may request a copy of your up-to-date contact lens prescription is if you report to us experiencing issues with your lenses, as this is part of the information we need to collect for the manufacturer.


Q. I need help placing my order.  Can you help me?

A. Absolutely!  Just call us at 1-855-909-2772 to place your order over the phone with us. (Or we can walk you through it over the phone if you prefer.)

Q. I have more questions!  What do I do?

A. If you are not sure about anything, please just contact us. Click here to go to our Customer Service / Contact Us page and we will help you out promptly.

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