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Lens care products are important, especially when you spend as much as you do on contacts. Try Clear Care solution, and more of our lens/contact care products. If it is your first time using such products, you should discuss them with your optometrist to make sure that the products are right for you.

Eye Drops

Have you tried our eye drops? When you buy eye drops online from, you know that you will get only the top-quality products available on the market. We offer some of the top eye drop brands in the world. Coupled with the fact that we are the fastest growing online contact lens website in all of Canada – Eye Drops and are a perfect marriage.


When buying eye drops or lens care products, you want to make sure that you get nothing but the highest quality. It is for your eyes, after all, you don’t want to take any chances. Stay away from the cheap websites that are selling you counterfeit or expired products. Instead, you should work with a Canadian company that offers high-quality eye drops and lens care products.

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If you have any questions regarding these lens care products or if you want to know more about eye drops, you can always contact our team of experts. They are knowledgeable and ready to help you. Of course, if your question is about a prescription or of a medical nature, you should speak with your optometrist or eye doctor.

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