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Shopping for contact lenses in Canada just got a heck of a lot cheaper. Use any one of these coupon codes and save more money than the other guys and know you are buying from Canada’s favorite contact lens website! These coupons codes cannot be combined with any other offer, sale, contest or code. Have a question? Simply CONTACT US and we can answer your questions.

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Paul Slusher and Dr. Sureen Bachra
Owners Paul W. Slusher, Dr. S. Bachra and daughter Amira

Let’s start with the fact that we are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Many contact lens websites in Canada are owned by foreign corporations.

Second, we here at are truly trying to win and keep your business every single day. So many of the multi-million dollar corporations out there know that they can cut a corner or lose a customer here and there, and still make millions of dollars in profit.

We think and operate differently.

Try us one time and you will see. We are one of the only, truly adored contact lens websites in Canada for a reason. Put simply, we save you money and we help save the planet, while no other company in Canada does it like we do. No one. See below for all the details!

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Not only do you get free express shipping, coupon codes for every purchase but you also get to CHOOSE where we donate 51% of our net profits. Click here to learn more about how we donate to save the environment, children, families, wildlife and much more.

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We are the fastest growing, highest customer rated contact lens site in all of Canada for a reason. We do things better, smarter and more compassionate than any other contact lens seller in our great nation.

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Be a part of something very special. Save money on contacts and help save the planet at the same time! You see, first and foremost we also want to SAVE YOU MONEY on contact lenses even though our mission is to also save the planet. Thank you for being our customer! We so appreciate each and every one of you!

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