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Buy Clariti Contact Lenses: A Perfect Daily Lens?

Clariti contact lenses may be among the more perfect daily contact lens available here in Canada. Why? The WetLoc technology that is a key part of the Clariti contact lens, makes Clariti far more comfortable that most other contact lenses. Made with a silicone hydrogel, they allow more oxygen to pass to the cornea for a much healthier and more comfortable lens. Shop online today and save more with Contacts For Less.

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Clariti Contacts Have Superior Technology Made for Your Comfort

These top-of-the-range contact lenses are available as dailies and are made of the latest silicone hydrogel material to provide long wear and unrivaled levels of comfort. Due to CooperVision’s unique silicon hydrogel manufactured design, Clariti contact lenses enable more oxygen to pass through to your corneas than hydrogel lenses. This is more important that it sounds on its face. Learn more below.

Why Does More Oxygen Matter?

This hydrogel designed by CooperVision is important because when you get more oxygen to the cornea, the effect is noticeable to you as a contact lens wearer. First, more oxygen means better comfort for your eyes. This matters tremendously. However, in addition to comfort, more oxygen reportedly helps maintain better ocular health. That makes sense, doesn’t it? More oxygen is better, less oxygen, not too much?

What is WetLoc Technology?

The Clariti contact lens is unique in that it has something CooperVision refers to as “WetLoc” technology. What exactly is WetLoc and why does it matter to you?

WetLoc is a process that reportedly creates a lens that naturally “attracts and binds water molecules” to the lens surface. What does this do this do for you? Once again, according to CooperVision, it helps keep your eyes moist and comfortable throughout your entire day. Essentially Clariti is a more “breathable” contact lens, that keeps your eyes whiter and brighter due to what they call a “healthier lens-wearing experience.” Considering that comfort and healthier are two things that matter to everyone, it seems CooperVision scored a bit win with the Clariti contact lens line.

Clariti is available in both 30 lens and 90 lens packages, and for all three main categories of lenses: Spherical lenses, Toric (Astigmatism) and Multifocal.

What To Know About Buying Contacts Online in Canada

Buying contact lenses online can be confusing with so many options and so many people telling you different things. There is no question that we get it, who are you to believe and who to you listen to. This is why our Owner and CEO, Paul W. Slusher, made a very popular video that we recommend every customer listen to. It details what to do and what NOT to do when buying your contact lenses online. Watch, learn and enjoy:

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Canada, when you buy online with Contacts For Less, you always get a great price, great service and of course, we let you donate 51% of our profits to the non-profit of your choice. Perhaps most interesting for you as a customer, we always have lower, cheaper online prices on all of our top contact lens brands and almost always there is a special savings coupon code for you to save EVEN MORE when you purchase online with us.

Ordering Clariti contact lenses online with is a smart move. Buying contact lenses online in Canada is a tricky business because of the many “grey market”, unauthorized sellers out there. But there is one brand that you can rely on: Contacts For Less. You save money on buying your contacts online, you get free shipping or a discount and you help save the planet at the same time.

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