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Precision 1 Contact Lenses Online in Canada

Contacts For Less carries the very high-quality Precision 1 contact lenses from Alcon. Our prices on Precision 1 here in Canada are beyond great, they are amazing! This is especially the case when you consider that we offer free shipping on every order. So what makes Precision 1 contact lenses so great? Well, some say these might be the best lenses Alcon has ever manufactured. See below to learn more about these very new and highly recommended lenses and what makes them one of the most popular with optometrists.

$45.99 / box
$36.79 / box

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$96.99 / box
$77.59 / box

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$60.99 / box
$48.79 / box

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$125.99 / box
$100.79 / box

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Precision 1 Has SmartSurface Technology

These remarkable contact lenses were born from the very popular Dailies Total 1 contacts, previous product from Alcon that to this day are one of the most popular lenses in Canada or North America. Using the water gradient technology from those Dailies, Precision 1 contacts uses SmartSurface technology, which is manufactured to create a permanent microthin moisture layer that is in excess of 80% water on the surface of the contact lens. The result is that these lenses are what some call “ultra comfortable”. Alcon’s own website says you can “live your best life” in these easy-to-wear daily disposable lenses. They go on to say there is “nothing basic about Precision 1 contact lenses” and that these amazing, new leses are “all kinds of extra”.

Precision 1 Gives You Precise Vision

As an ultra-comfortable daily disposable, these lenses are reported to provide very “precise” vision and ease of handling to eye wear customers. You put these lenses on your eyes each morning and simply toss them away when the day is over. Precision 1 is seen as a serious advancement in contact lens design, as many are saying that Alcon really outdid itself with the creation of these new lenses.

A Great Price With Two Options

Precision 1 is priced in such a manner that makes them affordable for contact lens customers. On top of that, you always have the option of both 30 packs and 90 packs. When you combine those options with our super low prices on Precision 1 here at Contacts For Less and our free shipping, no other site does it better. Put simply, We offer the cheapest prices on these and all other contact lenses, just for Canada.

Precision 1 is an Advanced Contact Lens

There’s nothing basic about Precision 1 contact lenses, in fact, Precision 1 contact lenses features a very advanced SMARTSURFACE® Technology, which helps maintain moisture on the lens surface. That’s on top of providing precise vision, dependable comfort, and easy handling. Plus, you start with a fresh new pair every day. So get extra and get out there.

Cheapest Prices in Canada and Free Shipping


Contacts For Less is the best site for buying contact lenses in Canada for a reason. As stated above, we always have cheaper prices. On top of that, we always offer free shipping on every single product order. We even guarantee every single order with our Lens Replacement Guarantee. To learn more about our free shipping on every order anywhere in Canada, click here to learn more. This means that whether you live in Vancouver, Toronto, Surrey, Hamilton, Saskatoon, or even the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, you get free shipping on every single contact lens order anywhere in Canada. Wow. Who else does that? No one. Not one other website in Canada, that is for sure. Yet another reason Canada to always buy your contact lenses online at

Buy Precision 1 and Help Save The Planet Too!

One of the great things about buying Precision 1 with Contacts For Less is that with every single order of any product, whether it is Alcon, Johnonson & Johnson, Coopervision or B + L, we donate profits. What does this mean? Well, put your lens product into the cart, then go there. You will notice a drop-down that allows you to pick the non-profit that you choose. We donate over 51% of all net profits to help save the planet, and we donate it to the charity that you choose when you buy Precision 1 or any other product. Click here to learn more about our Help The Planet Mission.

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