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We Carry Only the Top Coloured Contacts

Contacts For Less is dedicated to selling only the highest-quality coloured contact lenses across Canada, while some other websites will sell you contacts from lesser companies just to make profits. We simply refuse to do that because we are a better, more ethical company than that. This is why you won’t see cheap “halloween” lenses and other junk “cosmetic” lenses on our contact lens website. Why? These cheap lenses, often imported from third world nations, are often of very low quality and some have questionable manufacturing standards.

Top Quality Brands from Johnson & Johnson and Alcon

This is why, as we said above, we only carry high quality colored contact lenses. Johnson & Johnson’s Define contact lens is a very high-quality contact lens that enhances your current eyes, without fully changing the colour. Air Optix Colors, made by Alcon, is a very common and well-known colored lens that is used all around the world and has a reputation for comfort and quality. Dailies Colors, the newest coloured lens to hit the market, is also manufactured by Alcon and is designed to be as comfortable and high quality as the ever-popular Dailies Total 1 lenses. See below for more information.

Acuvue Define by Johnson & Johnson

The 1-Day Define Contact Lenses is more than just a coloured contact lens that “re-colours” your eyes. These lenses made by Johnson & Johnson were created to provide your natural eye color with a real boost and accent. These lenses, which are available for both farsighted and nearsighted customers, are of the highest quality, made by arguably one of the most reputable contact lens companies in the world (or in Canada). 1-Day Acuvue Define also provides your eyes with a super high level of UV protection, among the very most among all daily disposable contacts in Canada or the world.

Dailies Colors by Alcon Is The Newest Colored Contact Lens

Dailies Colors One-Day colored contact lenses are the newest coloured lens to come out in Canada and are reported to be among the most comfortable of all the coloured lenses. Dailies Colors comes in four cool colours, Mystic Green, Mystic Blue, Mystic Hazel and Mystic Gray. These lenses really do enhance your current colour by creating an overlapping colour which some say even make your eyes appear to be bigger and brighter. More importantly, you know you are getting a high-quality colored lens when you buy from Alcon, since they are also, along with Johnson & Johnson, a very reputable manufacturer.

You can even buy these contacts in a plano prescription, meaning it has 0.00 power, so that they can be worn just for cosmetic purposes. Also, if you are currently a wearer of Dailies Aquacomfort or Dailies Total 1, Alcon informs us you can seamlessly move to these lenses with little to no comfort issues.

Air Optix, a Popular Contact Lenses is Just The Beginning

Air Optix is one of the most popular coloured contact lenses in Canada. But Air Optix Colors, which is produced by Alcon, is not the only a high quality choice of lens. Air Optix is one of the most trust brands of coloured contacts available in the entire industry. Why is it so popular?

First, it’s price point is awesome, since it is totally affordable. In addition, customers love that these lenses provide wonderful colors to their eyes without compromising the high-quality standards that comes with wearing an Alcon contact lens. It even has something called SmartShield technology, which is designed to prevent irritating deposits on the lens itself, while also enabling a very high oxygen flow to your eyes while wearing these super cool lenses. Yes, you will enjoy comfort and beauty with Air Optix Color Contacts.

In fact, Acuvue Define, which is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is also a very high-quality contact lens. In addition, Alcon has come out with a newer coloured lens, Dailies Colors, which is a very comfortable contact lens that is perfect if you already wear Dailies Aquacomfort Plus or Dailies Total 1, at that is what we are told by Alcon. That means you can simply get Dailies Colors right now, using your other Dailies prescription, since they are the exact same lens, except for the new colours added to the Dailies Colors lenses.

Contacts For Less is a Trusted Brand

Like we said above, coloured contact lenses can sometimes be of very low quality, especially when buying them from no-name brands or from overseas sources. That is why we ONLY carry quality contact lenses. We refuse to carry lenses from companies that do not have a stellar reputation for quality control, safety and proper handling procedures. As we keep saying over and over, Contacts For Less is a different type of contact lens company and yes, we too are a trusted brand in Canada.

Free Shipping on Every Coloured Contact Lens Order

Click here to learn more about how we give you free shipping anywhere Canada on every single contact lens order. That means that buying your coloured contacts (like Air Optix Colors, Acuvue Define or Dailies Colors) is cheaper and more convenient than ever with Contacts For Less.

Contact Us If You Have Questions About Your Online Order

If you have any questions about our coloured contact lenses or if you need some assistance with your order, a return or any question related to our services, you can always contact our team. We are here to provide high-quality products and the highest quality customer service to every single contact lens customer here in Canada.


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