Coloured Contact Lenses

Popular Contact Lenses Are Just The Beginning

Yes, Air Optix is one of the most popular coloured contact lenses. But Air Optix Colors, which is produced by Alcon is not the only high quality choice. In fact Acuvue Define, which is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is also a very high quality contact lens. In addition, Alcon has come out with a newer coloured lens, Dailies Colors, which is a very comfortable contact lens that is perfect if you already wear Dailies Aquacomfort Plus. That means you can simply get Dailies Colors right now, using your other Dailies prescription, since they are the exact same lens, except for the new colous added to the Dailies Colors lenses.

We Carry Only Top Quality Lenses

Coloured contact lenses can sometimes be of very low quality, especially when buying them from no-name brands or from overseas sources. That is why we ONLY carry quality contact lenses. We refuse to carry lenses from companies that do not have a stellar reputation for quality control, safety and proper handling procedures.

Contact Us If You Have Questions About Your Online Order

If you have any questions about our colored contact lenses or if you want to get some help to choose the right product for you, you can always contact our team. We are here to provide high-quality products and customer services.


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