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You can enter and possibly win $1,000 worth of contact lenses in our contact lens giveaway in Canada! That’s right, only for Canada and only with! See below for details and enter today!

Enter today and you could win $1,000 in free contact lenses when you need them. The winner will be able to simply call us and order free contact lenses until the $1,000 runs out! What AN AMAZING EVENT!

Also: If you retweet the “Tweet About the Giveaway” 1 time every single day (see below). So this means you can keep adding ballots to each contest.

Next Winner selected July 1, 2024

Canada win money contest Giveaway

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET FREE CONTACT LENSES! Enter to win $1,000 in free contact lenses, please fill out the following form completely. In entering you understand that only one winner will be chosen every 6 months (January 1 and July 1) of each year. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to enter. To see other rules and restrictions, please read the CONTEST RULES below this form. Best of luck to everyone. Only one entry per email address is allowed per six-month contest.

Enter to Win Below
What contact lens brand do you or does your family member use?(Required)
How many times have you purchased contact lenses from
Did you know before today that donates over half of all net profits to help charities who support families, children in need, the environment and much more!(Required)
Do you care that we donate 51% of our net profits to help families, children and our planet?(Required)
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Contest Rules:

*This CONTEST is only available for residents of Canada. Any international mailing addresses provided will be automatically disqualified. Void where prohibited.**

This contest is designed to ONE WINNER every six months, but on occasion we reserve the right to have MORE THAN ONE WINNER. Maybe one day, when we are a larger comapny, we will give away more than one every time. No purchase is necessary to enter this amazing event. You can enter as often as you wish. Every time a new winner is announced, we start fresh with new ballots so remember to re-enter with each new giveaway! When a winner is first selected, that contestant will be asked a basic “skill question” (see below). If the contestant cannot answer the skill question and/or does not respond to the email from our team within 24 hours, we reserve the right to pick a new winner. We will also try to phone you if you are selected as well, but in either case, we must hear back within 24 hours either by phone or email. If you are selected you MUST return a phone call to our CEO (not our general line) and that phone number (or email) will be provided when we contact the potential winner.

The winning contestant will receive $1,000 in free contact lenses over the period of three years from the time of being awarded the contest prize. One winner will be picked randomly each time we hold a new giveaway and will be contacted by by both email and phone. If that person can verify by email or by phone the contents of their ballot AND can answer the “skill question” they will then be determined to be the winner. If not (again) then a new contestant will be drawn. 

By entering this online contest, all contestants give permission to to use their name, city, and provincial information in any announcement regarding this contest. All entrants to this giveaway will also have their email address added to the online newsletter and agree to this by entering this contest. Only one prize per contestant – previous winners are disqualified from winning a second time.

Please note that due to legal restrictions in Quebec, this prize cannot be awarded to someone residing in Quebec. We are sorry for this – but legal has advised us and so we do what the lawyers recommend.


(The Skill Question will be asked at the time the winning entry has been drawn. This is required by B.C. law in a giveaway of this nature.)

Our contest winners love us and for good reason. They received $1,000 in free contact lenses and of course they buy their contact lenses with us, here at!

Complete List of Past Winners

  • 2024 January: Sonya Breton of Quebec, QC
  • 2023 July: Jordan Jamieson of London, ON
  • 2023 January: (Ivy) Ee Fang Ting of Vancouver, BC
  • 2022 July: Nellie of Calgary, AB
  • 2022 January: (we gave THREE prizes, each $1,000)
    • Michael Hall of Alberta
    • Lisa Riegel of Saskatchewan
    • Louise Gilbert of BC
  • 2021 July: Jen Amirrati of Calgary, AB
  • 2021 January: Gwen Ziegler of Calbary, AB
  • 2020 July: Dawn Bertram of North Saanich, BC
  • 2020 January: Miranda of Calgary
  • 2019 July: Chris Bailey, Ontario
  • 2019 January: Chris Finn, Victoria, BC
  • 2018 September: Carol Markusa, Manitoba
  • 2018 July: Penny Routledge, BC
  • 2018 April: George Lucas, Ontario
  • 2018 January: Ruth Hamm, Alberta
  • 2017 October: Catherine Robichaud, Ontario is the best contact lens site in Canada is the best contact lens site in Canada
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