Biofinity Contact Lenses

$54.99 / box - $43.44 SALE PRICE 21% Off + Free Shipping
$83.99 / box - $66.35 SALE PRICE 21% Off + Free Shipping

Why Choose Biofinity Contacts?

With Biofinity (Comfilcon A) contact lenses, eye-care specialists CooperVision has set a new standard of contact lens comfort. The Biofinity contact lenses are in fact one of the most popular lenses in all of Canada.

Available online in Regular, Multifocal, or Toric versions – whatever type of lenses you choose to wear, the Biofinity are all made from the latest, most breathable silicone hydrogel material. You might even forget that you’re wearing them!

Why Biofinity Buy With

So Canada, when it is time to buy your Biofinity contact lenses, make sure to buy online with us at Our contact lens prices are the best, our service is amazing and of course, we donate 51% of our profits to help save the planet. And guess what else? You decide where we donate our profits! We are the first in the world to do this, so get on board and save some big money on contacts today!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Biofinity contact lenses or if you need help ordering them, you can always contact our team of experts. You should always talk with your optometrist before buying contact lenses online.

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