Biofinity XR

Biofinity XR

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*Custom Lens (requires longer processing times)

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**IMPORTANT: Biofinity XR lenses are made to order especially to fit your eyes. They require a 2 – 4 week manufacturing period, and these custom-made lenses cannot be modified, cancelled, returned, or exchanged. Please double-check your prescription before placing your order!

Biofinity XR 6-Pack Contact Lens Details

Using the same Aquaform Technology that you find in Biofinity sphere lenses Biofinity XR delivers the kind of comfort* that can help minimize drops. With Biofinity’ s proven lens material, design, and fitting approach you can feel confident that Biofinity XR is suitable for contact lens wearers that were previously unable to wear or dissatisfied with contact lenses. It’s also an ideal upgrade for existing extended range hydrogel wearers to the latest silicone hydrogel lens technology.
  • Extended range of parameters
  • With XR, Biofinity sphere covers +15.00D to -20.00D
  • Same great material and lens design as Biofinity sphere lenses
  • No need to alter fitting approach for extreme prescriptions

Biofinity is also packaged and sold as Mediflex contact lenses, which means both products are the same, exact contact lens. If you are currently using Mediflex, you may buy and use Biofinity contact lenses in the exact same way you did before.

Aquaform® Technology makes Biofinity XR equivalent to not wearing contact lenses. This exceptional technology ensures that eyes stay white and healthy during wear by assuring that high levels of oxygen can reach the eye’s surface. It also binds water to the lens keeping it moist even after long hours of wear, doing away with the traditional use of a wetting agent on the lens which can dry out towards the end of the day.

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Biofinity XR is available in a range of longsighted powers from +8.50 to 15.00, and short-sighted powers from -12.50 to -20.00. It can be worn continuously for six nights and seven days, giving you the benefit of a minimal cleaning routine, however, please be aware that continuous wear should be approved by your optician as everyone’s eyes are different. Biofinity XR can also be worn daily for a month and then replaced.

Biofinity XR 6pk

material / h20 content comfilcon a / 48.00%
oxygen transmissibility 160 dk/t (at -3.00d)
proprietary technology Aquaform®
base curve 8.6
diameter 14.0
sphere power 8.6/ 14.0
+8.50 to +15.00 and
-12.50 to -20.00 (0.50D steps)
center thickness 0.080 @ -3.00d
features visibility tint, aspheric optics, naturally wettable, low modulus, high oxygen transmissability
packaging 1 box of 6 lenses
wearing schedule daily wear
extended wear*
continuous wear*
replacement schedule monthly
other trade names
(identical product & manufacturer,
different packaging)
Ascend Premier
Clear Choice Premium Plus Monthly
Mediflex Aquafinity
Pro Balance Monthly Flexible Wear
Specsavers Easyvision CLARISION
Specsavers Easyvision OPTEYES Monthly


*Please follow your optometrist’s instructions on how long you personally can wear contacts without removing them.

This product is custom-made for your specifications and cannot be returned or exchanged in any condition. Check out our return policy here.

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