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As you can see, we sell all of the top contact lens brands, including Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, Dailies Total 1, and so much more. Why do we do it Canada? First, our main mission is to provide better online service to you at cheaper, lower prices. But there is much more to the Contacts For Less story.

You see, we also donate over half of all of our company’s net profits to the charity or non-profit that you choose when you buy your contact lenses online. Does anyone else do that? Anyone? The short answer is NO!

So tell your friends and family! Spread the word with your co-workers and neighbors. Contacts For Less is the best site for buying contact lenses online in Canada. No one compares to us. Try us one time and you will understand. You can save more money online and feel good that you are helping our planet at the same time. Now isn’t that amazing. To learn more about our donation program, please click here.

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