Dailies AquaComfort Plus Contact Lenses

Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Contact Lenses: Comfort and Cheap Prices

Dailies Aquacomfort Plus is a very popular daily disposable contact lens. The question is why? These contacts feature “Triple Action Moisture”, which reportedly provide incredible comfort for the contact lens wearer throughout the day. So, when you buy contact lenses online with Contacts For Less, you always get these great lenses at the cheapest prices in Canada with the best customer service in the online industry.

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Contacts That Are Blink-Activated

So, what is so great about this “Triple Action Moisture System”? Manufactured by Alcon, these dailies have a blink-activated moisturizing agent that assists your eyes in fighting dry eyes that you might normally experience during a long day of contact lens use. What that means is that when you blink your eyes, you activate the moisture system contained in the lens, which some say make them among the most comfortable lenses in Canada. On top of that, they can really ensure that dry eyes are less of an issue (as stated above).

Easier To Find and Insert Into Your Eyes

Is there anything else? Well, there is one more important quality of these contacts. Dailies Aquacomfort Plus contacts have a slight tint in the lens. This makes it much easier to find your lenses when submerged in the contact lens container, which is filled with fluid. Making things easier is what these Alcon daily lenses are all about.

Dailies Contacts That You Never Need To Clean or Store

As any daily contact lens wearer know already, dailies such as these are super convenient for the wearer. Open up your box, open up the contact lens container for one day’s use, put them in and forget about them until it is time for bed. Once done, just toss them away. No mess, no storage, no contact lens solution is ever needed with Dailies Aquacomfort Plus.

VIDEO: CEO Paul Has a List Of Do’s and Don’ts About Contact Lenses

To learn more about buying contact lenses in general, we have a very special video for you from our Owner and CEO Paul W. Slusher. A few years ago, we released a short video (seven minutes) where CEO Paul details and the most important issues when buying, choosing and ordering contact lenses online. We encourage everyone to spend a few minutes learning from this important video (see below). To learn more about how to wear contact lenses, if this is your first time, please click here.

Always Consult Your Optometrist

As with any contact lens product, we highly recommend that you never order to test a contact lens product. First, it wastes your money (in case it doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable). Second, it can do damage to your eyes. Learn more with the video below. We always recommend that every single customer visit their Optometrist for a full, contact lens fitting before ever ordering contact lenses online. Your eyes matter and we believe you should treat them with great care. Never take chances with your eyes.

Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Is Affordable

As we have said already, Dailies Aquacomfort Plus is a very popular contact lens product in both Canada and the world. The reason is the technology is superior and Alcon did a great job of designing these lenses. But more than that, these daily contacts are at a medium to lower price point. What we mean by that is, they are AFFORDABLE for the average contact lens customer. Inexpensive, comfortable and well-designed, sounds like a “great fit”, don’t you think?

Contacts For Less: Free Shipping and Cheaper Contact Lens Prices

Unlike most other contact lens websites in Canada, we here at Contacts For Less always provide you with free shipping on every single order anywhere in Canada. On top of that, we also provide a full “replacement guarantee” in case your order is lost, stolen or damaged. That may be why we are the #1 fastest-growing contact lens website in Canada. On top of that, we have amazing customer service.

We Donate Profits

Not only does Contacts For Less have cheaper prices, free shipping and better customer service, but there is yet another reason to order from us. We donate over half of all net profits to the non-profit or charity that you choose. Does anyone else do that? Put simply…NOPE. We are the only ones and we are fiercely proud of that. CLICK HERE to learn more about our mission to donate profits.

Free Shipping Is Always Available

Click here to learn more about our amazing free shipping anywhere in Canada on every single order. Yet another reason Canada to always buy your contact lenses online here at Contacts For Less. Yes, we are #1 for a reason.

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