5 Things that are extremely bad for your eyes

Doing Things That Are Bad for Your Eyes

Taking care of our eyes throughout the course of our lives is very important. We only get one set of eyes and therefore, should try our best to take care of them and have them work the best they can for the longest they can. If you’re after having good, healthy eyes, you should avoid doing the following 5 things as they can cause severe and permanent damage and is overall, bad for your eyes.

Lots of Screen Time

too much screen time is bad for your eyes

Spending lots of time during the day, and even night, can be very bad for your eyes. We understand that we are living in an age where spending time on screens almost needs to be a part of everyones daily habits. Whether it’s for work or leisure time, it’s difficult to completely cut out the screens. And there honestly is no need to completely cut out screen time. But for the sake of our eyes, we should try to limit the screen time we do experience everyday as much as we can. It can make a positive contribution towards keeping your eyes healthy.

Wearing Contacts Incorrectly

Wearing your contacts in any way that they are not meant to be worn is going to have a negative effect on our eyes. They are designed to be worn a certain way and should be worn that way. This will not only maximize their efficiency but also ensure we are not doing any harm to our eyes. For example, the part that we’re referring to here that is bad for your eyes is when you do not take the proper care of your contacts. So it’s not about wearing them on the wrong part of your eye necessarily, but rather how long you wear them and what you do with them when you remove them from your eyes.

Too much Sun Exposure

too much sun exposure is bad for your eyes

Too much sun exposure is also very bad for your eyes. But don’t worry, this is an easy fix, and one that many people already practice! Wear your sunglasses! Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, they also show that you care about the health of your eyes and want to protect them for as long as possible. The risks you expose yourself to by not wearing sunglasses could be anything from short term eye strain to developing different types of cancer. The key here is simple, going outside and it is sunny? Put on your sunglasses!

You Smoke

If you smoke, you are likely already aware that you are doing damage to your body. Although your eyes are probably not the thing to be most worried about, you should be aware that smoking is indeed also bad for your eyes. One of these major threats you’re facing is developing cataracts. So, if you needed another reason to put down the cigarette, here it is!

Stay Away From Activities That are Bad for Your Eyes

Moral of the story here is you should try to refrain from doing things that are bad for your eyes. We understand that you can’t eliminate everything that puts you at a potential risk for eye damage. For example, you should get outside and get into the sun, it is good for you, but only in moderation. So taking care of your eyes is all about finding that healthy balance. And don’t forget to book your eye exam! giveaway

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