How Often should you see an optometrist and why

Seeing an Optometrist

Seeing an optometrist is actually a very easy task. You should not think of it as the dentist as the dentist can sometimes be painful or scary. There is absolutely nothing scary about seeing the eye doctor. Yet, there are still many people out there who have not visited an eye doctor in many, many years, and that’s a problem!

How often Should You See an Eye Doctor

you should go for an eye exam every 2 years

You should aim to make a visit every 2 years, maybe even 3 years, somewhere in that range. Although this is the general rule of thumb, you should keep in consideration your age and other factors. If you’re someone who is above the age of 65, you should consider a check up every single year. If you’re below that, you may want to stretch it out a bit more. On the contrary, if you’ve had previous history involving issue with your eyes, the more frequent, the better.

Why Should You Visit an Optometrist?

There are many reason to book your appointment at the eye doctor. First off, so that you can see better! This one is quite obvious but people still don’t go and get their eyes checked. Additionally, when you see an optometrist, they’re doing more than just trying to find out if you can see well or not. They’re looking for other things as well like diseases or other things happening on the eyeball. They’ve got the equipment necessary to look extremely close up and examine anything that may not be quite right.

Catch Health Problems

If something does happen to be wrong with your eyes, having a regular check up will help to catch that problem in as early stages as possible. Sometimes if you leave a disease or other problem too long, it can develop into something that is no longer treatable. We don’t want to ever face a situation where you have to lose an eye because something was not caught in time.

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Now, we’re not trying to scare you into getting your eyes checked. We’re just trying to highlight the importance of practicing good eye health so you can live the best life possible.

Update Your Prescription

It is very possible that in 2 years, your prescription can change slightly. Usually it’s barely enough to notice until you are shown what types of things you could actually be seeing with an updated prescription. For this reason, it’s important to realize that using your own judgement isn’t always the best option.

Solve Other Issues

Many people who come in to see the Optometrist may find that once they get the right prescription, or an updated prescription, or a prescription at all, that their other health issues they’re experiencing start to disappear. For example, if you experience constant headaches throughout the day and nothing ever seems to make them better, sometimes the fix could be as easy as getting the right glasses onto your face. When your eyes are strained for extended periods of time, the first way you’ll notice is from a headache. This is essentially your body telling you that it isn’t happy with something and you need to figure it out.

you should see an optometrist

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