Friends of the Earth

friends of the earth

Friends of the Earth

We only have one planet. No second option. So it is imperative that our Earth must be heard about its environmental issues. We are proud to support Friends of the Earth.

From the Friends of the Earth’s Website

Friends of the Earth Canada (FoE) has grown from a small group of volunteers in 1978 to one of the country’s most important voices speaking out on environmental issues. We are affiliated with the world’s largest grassroots environmental network — Friends of the Earth International — which has 74 national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent.

Friends of the EarthOur mission

FoE is a voice for the environment, nationally and internationally, working with others to inspire the renewal of our communities and the earth, through research, education and advocacy.

Our values

FoE believes that a healthy environment is the basis for our economic and social well-being. FoE endorses the “precautionary” and “polluter pays” principles.  Characterized by multi-stakeholder involvement and sound science, FoE’s work is oriented towards long-term solutions. FoE supports democratic processes and is politically neutral.

The environment includes people.  This human dimension must be an integral part of environmental solutions.

Achieving our goals

Throughout the past two decades, FoE Canada has been committed to working towards a sustainable global future through:

  • Research: development of a scientific and social information base needed to support advocacy and education programs.
  • Advocacy: promotion of improved policy and decision-making at all levels of government.
  • Education: building awareness around key issues, alternatives and specific actions to solve environmental problems.
  • Cooperation: outreach to individuals, educators, governments and other groups around the world to share information, learn from others and their experiences and collaboratively undertake joint action.

Become a friend of the Earth!

FoE has been able to carry out its mission of research, education and advocacy with the support of over 10,000 loyal individual supporters across Canada, as well as support from foundations, government grants, selected corporations and dedicated volunteers. Thank you!

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