What are Eye Drops?

Eye Drops


Eye Drops can be an important part of your eye care routine, especially if you regularly wear contact lenses or find yourself staring at a screen all day long.


Whatever your eye ailment, be it a bacterial infection, allergies, itchiness, dryness or tired eyes, there is solution [excuse the pun] for you! 


Simply put, they are a liquid formula (think of them like bottled tears!) that you drop into your eyes. They are easy to use and deliver fast, effective, soothing relief.   


Who Uses them?


Everyone will use them at some stage of their life. Some will use them regularly as part of their eye care routine.


For example, if you wear contact lenses regularly or suffer from allergies, you may experience dry or itchy eyes from time to time.  


There are drops specifically designed to alleviate all sorts of eye discomfort and problems – both associated with bacterial infections AND general day-to-day sensitivities.


The Pro’s Vs. The Con’s


pros and cons of eye drops


If you think you may have a bacterial infection in one or both of your eyes, it is recommended to visit your doctor immediately so they can prescribe the right treatment for you, which will likely include a solution to tackle the infection.


The pros include their fast-acting nature, bringing moisture and relief to your eyes immediately. They combat dryness and itchiness, leaving your eyes feeling instantly refreshed and comforted.


There are so many different kinds on the market, so whatever relief you are seeking, you are sure to find your magic remedy.


So, are there any cons to using them? Sure.


You must be careful when using them. Only use drops that are specific to your ailment. Use them only as directed.


Overuse of drops can lead to your eyes feeling drier. How so?


Overuse can affect the ability of your eyes to naturally lubricate themselves. Be careful to use them only as directed otherwise you are in danger of affecting the natural balance and functioning of your eyes.


Eye Drops for Dry Eyes



Eyes can feel dry for lots of different reasons and fortunately, eye drops can be a quick and easy solution in combatting that dry eye feeling.


Finding the right ones for dry eyes can give you an immediate soothing effect and gives your eyes a boost when they need it most.


Antibiotic Eye Drops


If something doesn’t feel right, consult your doctor immediately. It is likely you will get a bacterial infection in your eyes at some stage in your life.


You’ll probably notice it straight away. Symptoms can range from red, sore eyes to crust forming around your eyelids.


The sooner this is treated the better and the simplest treatment can be antibiotic eye drops.


When using antibiotic drops, make sure to follow the instructions and to finish the course in full, even if your eyes start to feel better before that.


If you stop the course of antibiotics halfway through, they may lose their effectiveness the next time you need to use them.


Preservative Free Drops


Preservative-free drops are an excellent choice for those with severely dry eyes.


The preservatives in other eye drops can upset your already sensitive eyes so stick to preservative-free eye drops for a kinder way to care for your eyes when they are feeling extra sensitive.


Eye Drops for Contacts


If you are a regular contact lens wearer, then you may find that contacts can sometimes dry your eyes out.


Give your eyes a little TLC with drops that are specifically designed to be used with contact lenses.


Eye Drops for Kids


eye drops for kids


Kids can use drops too, with a little help from you! If your child has an eye infection, seek the advice of your doctor, and follow their instructions in full.


How to put in Eye Drops


Drops are very easy to use. When sitting, standing, or lying down, pop your head back slightly, use your finger to lightly pull down your bottom lid and then apply onto your eye. Don’t blink! Just relax for a couple of minutes.


Do eye drops expire?


They sure do.


Always check the expiration date on the bottle and, as a rule of thumb, once you have opened drops discard them after three months.


Otherwise, they will not only lose their effectiveness, but they may cause irritation or even infection to your eyes if used past this date.


Our Top Picks: The Best Ones For You




If you are looking for value for money AND for some of the most advanced eye drops on the market, then look no further than our Systane Eye Drops range right here. This is the number one range recommended by both doctors and pharmacists.




These drops are specifically used to combat bacterial eye infections. If you have a bacterial infection (or ‘pink eye’), then this is a great option that you can purchase without the need for a doctor’s prescription.




Give your tired, itchy eyes a dose of comfort with Hylo, which is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, a natural ingredient which is already present in our eyes.  


 Buy Eye Drops Online with Contacts for Less


Now that we’ve taken you through the world of the best drops on the market, you can now decide what the best option is for your eyes. Whatever your eye ailment, there is a rescue remedy out there to fix it.


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