Optometrist Creates Mold of Eye for Irregular Eye Shapes

Paul Slusher

Paul Slusher


Published Jun 1st, 2016
irregular eye shape

Not every eye is shaped the same…

irregular shaped eyeIf you’ve had trouble finding the right contact lens for either eye in the past, it could be possible that this was caused because your eyes is ‘hard to fit‘. In some cases, it is because of an irregular cornea shape. Up until now, it was almost impossible to find the perfect lens for an eye that was shaped uniquely. Optometrists could go through several fitting sessions with a patient to find a contact lens that was ‘tolerable’. This recently has changed.

How can your eye meet the perfect contact?

Thanks to EyePrintPro, a new contact lens technology offered at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, it is now possible for patients to have the perfect match.

Julie DeKinder, associate clinical professor in the College of Optometry at UMSL, comments “EyePrintPROTM is an optically clear prosthetic scleral cover shell designed to match the exact contours of the individual eye. For most patients with irregular corneal shape, a specialty contact lens will work to improve their vision. However, in some special cases, the anterior surface of the eye is so irregular not even a specialty contact lens will work.” She continued by saying “The eye molding is a very simple process,” DeKinder says. “A gentle compound is applied to the front of the eyes, much like a large contact lens. The compound sets up in about a minute and is removed. The impression process only takes a few minutes and provides the exact shape of the eye to the laboratory for duplication.”

To read more about the procedure and how it is going to impact the future of contact lenses, click here.

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Paul Slusher

Paul Slusher

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