Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

northwest wildlife preservation society

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

Wildlife is ecologically important and it is just as important to teach our children about it and about environmental education. Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society gives educational programs throughout schools in British Columbia, reaching over 7,500 individuals annually. We think this is a great way to implement environmental education into the classroom and this is one of the many reasons we proudly support the Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society.

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We introduce children and adults to the wonders of the natural world in order to encourage an enduring respect for wildlife and wildlife spaces.


Through educational and stewardship activities, NWPS is working towards preserving wildlife and wildlife habitat for their own intrinsic worth and for the appreciation of all. Learn More

Stewardship Programs

These programs develop an awareness about the ecosystem and impacts on wildlife and wildlife habitat. Through coordinated stewardship activities, youth are able to work toward preserving the environment. Learn More

Education Programs

NWPS reaches schools throughout B.C. with our own unique environmental education and habitat stewardship programs.

Our target population is school-aged youth and we reach an average of 7,500 individuals annually through our programs, newsletters and communications. Learn More


Our Green Ribbon Campaign aims to raise visibility and awareness about wildlife, wildlife habitat and environmental issues in our communities, as well as provide a means to support environmental preservation. Learn More

Past & Present

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society is a registered Canadian charity. Our BN/registration number is 13302 9140 RR0001.

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society (NWPS) was founded by Sherry Pettigrew, who served as the first Executive Director and continues to hold a position on the NWPS Board of Directors as an Honourary Director. The organization was incorporated in 1987 as a non-profit society, dedicated to preserving healthy wildlife and wildlife systems in northwest North America. Since that time, NWPS continues to earn reputation in the environmental movement as a powerful advocate for wildlife and wildlife habitats. NWPS was a founding member of the Wolf Working Group and fulfilled an advisory role on numerous committees for wildlife preservation. Additionally, NWPS organized conferences, forums, and symposiums that brought together diverse interests in the areas of wildlife management policy, protection and conservation.

Today, NWPS focuses on ‘Preservation through Education’. We achieve our mandate through the development and delivery of a broad series of educational programs and services, newsletters and correspondence, which reach an average of 7,500 individuals annually. Our primary audience has become school aged children. We introduce them to the wonders of the natural world through in-class presentations, nature walks & workshops and stewardship projects and work to inspire them to become environmental stewards.

To see the Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society website, please click here.

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