Humane Society of Canada

Humane Society of Canada

Humane Society of Canada

No living being on this planet deserves to be mistreated, beaten, tested on, and even murdered. The Humane Society of Canada help protect animals and the environment. We at proudly support their work.

From The Humane Society of Canada’s Website

The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) works to protect dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits and small animals, livestock, lab animals, wildlife and the environment. We carry out hands on programs to help animals and nature, mount rescue operations, expose cruelty through hard hitting undercover investigations, work to pass laws to protect animals, use a multidisciplinary approach, support animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres, and spread the word about how to help animals and nature through humane education.

Who We are

The only organization of its kind, seven days a week, The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) works across the street, across Canada and around the world helping people, animals and the environment.

The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) depends entirely on donations to support our programs to help animals and the environment. All donations are gratefully acknowledged with a receipt for income tax purposes. If you would like to support our educational campaigns that protect animals and the environment please make a donation here or purchase contact lenses here at and choose to donate the profits to our great cause . Because when it comes to fighting cruelty and violence, we don’t give up.  Ever.

Progress in finding alternatives to the use of animals in research is proceeding slowly, and hundreds of thousands of laboratory animals still endure avoidable pain and suffering.

In the Pacific Northwest, the roar of chainsaws shatters the serenity of some of the last old-growth forests left standing in the world. Several thousand miles away, the next phase of construction on a hydro dam will flood a pristine wilderness, endangering the lives of countless numbers of wild animals.

In the St. Lawrence River, the lifeless body of a beluga whale washes ashore, so riddled with pollutants that it’s corpse must be disposed of using guidelines for the handling of toxic waste.

Under cruel conditions tens of thousands of horses, many of whom have been discarded by the racing industry and are destined for slaughter, are imported each year from the United States.

As many as 20,000 young dogs have been imported from US puppy mills, adding to Canada’s problem of pet overpopulation.

The situation facing us is serious; the problems, intimidating; the challenges, immense.

However, now there is a new symbol of hope for the protection of animals and the environment. A bold initiative was launched with the formation of The Humane Society of Canada (HSC).

The Humane Society of Canada has been able to work across Canada and in many parts of the world, coming into contact with many dedicated men, women, and children who are striving to create and sustain a truly humane society.

If you believe as I do, that one person can truly make a difference by force of his or her belief, we will draw inspiration from one another to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Our concerted efforts will represent a powerful moving force for social change. We will add our voice to those of the many other concerned individuals and organizations battling the cruelty, suffering and indifference that at times threaten to overwhelm our efforts on behalf of animals and the environment.

Despite the best efforts of committed organizations and individuals, both in Canada and around the world, there is still much work to be done. For now, the questions are more urgent than ever before, and their answers do not come quickly enough.

To see the Humane Society of Canada website, please click here.

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