4 Good Signs Your Kids Might Be Ready for Contact Lenses

As the end of the holiday break approaches, a lot of parents are going to be dealing with their kids wanting to go back to school without glasses. Is there a way to know if your kids are ready for contact lenses? The difficult thing is that there is no specific age for kids to be ready, it is different for each one of them. 

In some situations, some toddlers are ready to wear contacts and some 11 years olds are not. This is why you should always talk with your optometrist before making such a decision. Here are some signs that you could be ready to have that discussion with your optometrist. 

Your Kids Wants To Wear Contacts Lenses

This is an easy sign to understand that your child might want some contact lenses. Keep in mind that if your kids ask for contacts, they will be more inclined to take good care of them. This is a great way to responsibilize your child but it should always come from them, not from you.

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Is Your Kids Focused On Hygiene?  

This may sound a little weird but if you have kids that are focused on their hygiene, they might be a great candidate for contacts. Some kids like to play in the mud and get dirty and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but if they get that mud in their eyes, they might get an infection. You know your child and you know if they would be able to keep the discipline required to avoid those infections. 

Your Kids Is Responsible & Can Follow Instructions 

If your child can do his chores and tasks without you having to constantly remind them, they might be old enough to wear contact lenses. If they are not ready yet, there is nothing wrong with waiting a little bit. You don’t want to have to remind your children to take out their contact lenses and risk hurting their vision if you forget.

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Your Kids Can Take Care Of His Glasses

If you have to buy 5 pairs of glasses a year because your child has broken or lost them, they might not be ready for contact lenses. Your kids’ glasses are probably the most delicate and the most expensive object that they have, looking at how they take care of them will be a good indicator of how they can take care of their contact lenses.

Talk to your Optometrist

One thing you should keep in mind is that you should always talk to your optometrist before making any decision about the vision of your child. If you have answered positively to all the signs, you can give a call to your eye doctor and discuss the advantages of contact lenses for your kids. While you have that discussion, don’t forget to ask if you should lean towards daily, weekly, or monthly contact lenses

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