Purevision Multifocal

Purevision Multifocal

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PureVision Multifocal 6-Pack Contact Lens Description

Purevision Multifocal monthly wear contact lens are approved 30 day continuous wear for people who have presbyopia. However, only your eye care provider can determine if these contacts are right for you and how many days and nights you can wear them. It is important that you follow your eye care provider’s wearing instructions.

Purevision Multifocal lenses–the silicone hydrogel lens that gives presbyopes the ideal solution for natural, crisp vision. Many people are unaware of multifocal lenses–and need you to bring the option to them.

  • Made from balafilcon A, an innovative silicone hydrogel material with enhanced optical designs and surface properties that provide crisp vision, comfort and health for wearers
  • The only commercially available multifocal contact lens indicated for either daily wear or for extended wear up to 30 days for the correction of nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) for presbyopes

PureVision Multifocal contact lenses, manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, are suitable for those with Presbyopia. These contact lenses make a welcome change from bifocal and varifocal glasses, giving the wearer so much more freedom. PureVision Multifocal lenses are designed for daily or extended wear. This means you can wear them daily for a month, or for 30 days, without removing them. This offers a great degree of convenience, for the wearer. With these contact lenses, you won’t have to take time to remove, cleanse and care for them each night. Be sure to get your opticians advice, to see if extended wear is suitable for you.

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PureVision Multifocal silicone hydrogel contacts are made with AerGel technology, which assists in keeping the surface of the lens free from protein build-up and other types of debris. A substantial degree of oxygen is also distributed to the eyes, to help maintain optimal health. These contact lenses are extremely popular worldwide, for the liberating benefits they offer. Short and far sighted tasks, like reading and driving, can all be accomplished with these lenses, without you ever having to rely on your glasses.

If you have experienced dryness, while wearing your contact lenses in the past, this type will suit you. The Silicone Hydrogel balafilcon material ensures the lenses remain hydrated, for added comfort. Vision Direct have PureVision Multifocal contacts lenses in stock and other popular types.

Purevision Multifocal 6pk

material / h20 content balafilcon a/ 36%
oxygen transmissibility 112 dk/t (Non-Edge Corrected at -3.00D)
101 dk/t (Edge Corrected at -3.00D)
base curve 8.6
diameter 14.0
sphere power 8.6/ 14.0
+6.00 to -10.00 in 0.25D steps
add powers Low: +0.75D to +1.50D
High: +1.75D to +2.50D
center thickness 0.090 @ -3.00d
features visibility tint
packaging 1 box of 6 lenses
wearing schedule daily or up to 30 days continuous wear
replacement schedule monthly


We have a 1-year return policy for this product if the box is unopened and undamaged. Check out our return policy here.

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