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People wear contact lenses to compensate for their issues, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and blurry vision, without wearing glasses. Since lenses are temporary and should be worn only if necessary, specific protocols are needed to keep them clean. Hygiene is crucial for wearing lenses as it is physically in contact with your eyes. Without effective cleaning methods, you might expose yourself to germs that could easily irritate your eyes and further compromise your vision. 

Clear Care is a company that provides an excellent and easy solution for contact lens users to prevent dirt and other germs that could cause potential damage to your sight. They are explicitly formulating disinfecting solutions that are mild enough to use for contact lenses to keep them sterile before or after use. 

What Makes Clear Care Different?

When it comes to eye care, it is vital to seek a professional opinion before making any decisions to prevent further damage. In this case, only Clear Care is the number 1 recommended by health professionals as a hydrogen peroxide solution in cleaning eye lenses. This says a lot about what the company has to offer and boosts the safety and confidence of users. 

Clear Care Plus has HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. A special agent that is explicitly made to recondition soft lenses and help keep their long-lasting moisture. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is both clear care and clear care plus offers almost complete neutralization of peroxide, resulting in its gentle saline solutions that are mild enough to prevent irritation on your eyes.

How to Use Clear Care?

Clear Care takes pride in how straightforward it is to use, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your lenses clean and good as new. First and foremost, rinsing your hands is vital to keep things sterile and avoid passing on bacteria onto your lens. After that, place your lens in baskets and rinse for 5 seconds with the solution. Then fill the lens case only up to the line with the clear care solution. Last but not least, put it all together, make sure the lid is tightly closed and let it soak overnight or for at least 6 hours.

How to use the clear care solution in steps:

  1. Wash: Rinse and dry your hands.
  2. Place your lenses in baskets and rinse them for 5 seconds with the clear care solution.
  3. Fill: Now, fill the case to the fill line with the solution.
  4. Put: Put the case and lid together and tighten.
  5. Soak: Soak them overnight or for at least 6 hours. 
  6. Voila! Enjoy your lenses!

When is the Best Time to Use Clear Care Solution?

Since lenses are supposed to be removed before sleeping, that should be the ideal time to use the clear care cleaning solution and soak your lenses for at least 6 hours or overnight, depending on what works best for you. That should be enough to allow the solution to work its bubbling action and deeply remove any germs and bacteria that may be found on your lenses. The cleaning solution also needs time to neutralize peroxide into the gentle saline solution to keep it harmless when you start to wear the lens again. If you decide to wear the lens without waiting for at least 6 hours to let it soak, you might feel a burning and stinging sensation from the remaining peroxide.

Where to buy clear care contact solution?

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