Myopia and What You Can Do

Worried about Myopia? Have Blurry Vision?

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So you have Myopia or are concerned about it? You came to the right blog…

Closeup of a young beautiful woman.Myopia is known for being the reason why distant objects are blurry and why sometimes you will see flashes of light.  You maybe wondering how is this caused? Or why can’t I see that sign on the road?

Well this is caused by either an enlarged eye from front to back or having a curved lens. Unfortunately, if this runs in the family, you may have a higher chance of carrying it on. If your family history doesn’t show having any signs of Myopia, it can be caused by reading to often or staring at your computer monitor or any type of screen for long periods of time. So go outside and get some fresh air if you can!

Good news is that this is a disease that can be cured in multiple ways. First is the obvious and most common way which is glasses. Glasses are the safest and simplest way to correct myopia.

Contact lenses is the next big thing. It is more appealing and has a cosmetic use to it as well. With Myopia, contact lenses become the first refractive surface for light. Therefore, it gives a wider range of view and overall clearer vision. Except it might not be for everyone.

Refractive surgery is the closer option to having Myopia permanently cured but requires a second thought. The reason behind this is due to the fact that it eliminates or decreases dependency on glasses and contact lenses, however it may or may not be permanent. You will need to ask your eye care professional on which refractive surgery will be best suited for you.

You’re probably thinking that Myopia isn’t as detrimental as you may have thought. There are cures as stated above, but are there different forms? Yes.

There is another form called “High Myopia” which is more severe. It is severe due to the eyeball stretching even longer. To get a better picture, think of a rubber band. Now that rubber band is strong and has multiple fibers holding it together, but with enough force the fibers tear. Imagine this scenario but with the eye. The longer the eye stretches, holes and retinal detachment is more common. With this form of Myopia, losing eyesight is a very real possibility. It can be prevented by visiting your eye care professional and having more comprehensive dilated eye exams.

Myopia is a common in many countries. Most common is in Singapore. Studies have shown that one in three five year olds is myopic. As the age goes up, the figure increases in 18 year olds by 80%! This is an increasing problem in Asian countries. In the U.S, 30-40% of Americans are Myopic. In Canada, about 30% of Canadians are myopic. But, don’t let this statistic alarm you. You can do something about it or at least mitigate it like I said above.

You can’t really escape Myopia like you can escape a cold or flu, but if you have the time and know you have Myopia or are a possible target for it, please contact your eye care specialist and discuss the safest and most comfortable route for you.

Written by: Ashleen Rosanna Chand

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