Human Rights Watch: Our December 2016 Group of the Month

Human Rights Watch Fights Human Rights Abuses 24/7

Hey folks! Another month means another Group of the Month! With December being Human Rights Month, it’s only fitting that we highlight our biggest human rights research and advocacy organization, Human Rights Watch.

human rightsEstablished in 1978 and now comprised of ~400 staff members globally, Human Rights Watch uses its extensive research resources and reputation of accurate and impartial reporting to press for changes in policy and practice, in order to promote and improve human rights and justice in countries all over the world.

HRW’s reporting covers wide-ranging topics such as children’s rights, the environment, and even arms and terrorism. One of the issues currently on their radar are the human rights implications of Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency. From their website:


“The headline-grabbing rhetoric of United States President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign raised significant concerns across a broad range of human rights issues. Human Rights Watch has called on Trump to abandon the “misogyny, racism, and xenophobia” that marked his campaign, break with policy proposals that would violate basic rights and freedoms, and govern “in a manner that fully respects and promotes human rights for everyone.” In the days leading up to the January 20 inauguration, we will be scrutinizing the President-elect’s emerging policy positions and speaking out where they fall short of respecting and promoting human rights in the United States and abroad.”


For more on Human Rights Watch’s reporting on the topic, you can head on over to this page on their site.

Of all of the groups that we support, Human Rights Watch’s efforts might be the most far-reaching and all-encompassing, so we’re proud to have them as the default donation choice on every order with us throughout the month of December. Again, that means that we’ll be donating 51% of our profits to Human Rights Watch, and you’re of course always welcome to choose to support one of our other 50+ causes!

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