Why Do Your Prices Change?

You may have noticed that our prices go up and down every now and then.

We lower our prices whenever we can. But you’re probably not here to ask about that. (Who questions a gift horse?  Not the Trojans, for sure!)

Sometimes the price differs from what you paid because you got it on sale before!  We run a variety of sales year-round, and not all sales are made equal.  (Psst… signing up for our newsletter ensures you’re the first to know about our biggest sales and never miss out!)

Sometimes it’s because the base price changed.  We run on thin margins and maintain a minimal operation so that we can afford to donate 51% of our net profits while still giving you competitive pricing. Running so close to the edge means that whenever our suppliers’ prices go up, we also need to adjust in order to stay afloat.

No matter what, we still try our best to have among the lowest prices in the market.  We’re proud to be among the lowest-priced of the few authorized retailers (why is this important?) for the four major contact lens manufacturers in North America.

Why Do Your Prices Change?
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