Why Are My Contact Lenses Tearing?

Are Your Contact Lenses Ripping/ Tearing?

Here are some tips on how to avoid contact tearing:

  • Check the modulus.  Modulus is the lens material’s resistance to deformation under pressure.  This means that contact lenses with a higher modulus will be a bit stiffer and easier to handle, while a lens with a low modulus will be floppier and have a higher chance of ripping.  Such lower modulus lenses, however, have a higher water content and tend to be more comfortable.  If your lenses keep ripping, talk to your optometrist about the best modules for you.
  • Never use fingernails.  Fingernails are one of the top causes of lenses ripping.
    • To remove your contacts: use your thumb and forefinger to slide the lens and break the suction, then remove.  Do NOT pinch the lens with your fingernails.
    • To unfold contact lenses:  Simply soak it in solution on your palm.  Lightly rub the lens until the moisture naturally unfolds it.
  • Keep your lens case filled to the brim with solution.  If the case isn’t full, the lens can stick to the sides and be damaged when you take it out.
Why Are My Contact Lenses Tearing?

Warning: Don’t wear a tearing contact lens.  Even if it’s just a tiny chip at the edge, and you really, really need contacts.  A torn edge can scratch your cornea.

To remove a torn or tearing contact lens:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Add some rewetting solution to your eye to keep any torn bits from sticking to your eye.
  3. Pull your lower eyelid down and use your forefinger to slide the torn lens down to the lower part of your eye.
  4. Use your thumb and forefinger to take the lens out.
  5. Carefully check your eye for any pieces that may remain. giveaway


CooperVision on avoiding ripping contact lenses:

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