Eye Strain – 4 Ways You Can Improve Your Eyes Functionality

Eye strain

With screen time at an all time high, it is no doubt that our eyes are taking a hit when it comes to looking after our health. Eye strain is a big issue today, with many people being ale to (or having to) do their jobs online, the blue light, along with other characteristics of screens and electronics are causing this issue.

recucing eye strain from electronics

Eye strain can not only make our eyes hurt or ache, but it also can have a number of additional repercussions on us. Our overall energy level can be reduced and we may not be able to get through a full day’s work. With an issue like this that has the ability to affect us on such a grand scale, it’s important to manage it and find solutions to the problem. Here’s a few of our recommendations on how to manage eye strain and improve your overall health and energy.

Your Eyes Must Rest

Your eyes need rest in order to keep on going, just like you! Ensure that if you’re performing tasks that include high involvement in focusing and using your eyes quite intensely, that you’re taking breaks throughout the day and allowing yourself moments of focus-free time. Whether you decide to go for a quick walk a few times a day or just take a break and chat with someone for a few minutes, these simple things can help to reduce eye strain and ensure your eyes do not make you tired and fatigued.

Changing Computer Settings to Reduce Eye Strain

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There are a number of settings on your computer that can be changed in order to reduce the strain that gets put on your eyes. First of all and perhaps maybe most obvious is the brightness. Adjusting the brightness can go a long way toward making your eyes feel better during the day. Additionally, changing the size of the text is also an easy configuration that can allow your eyes to work just a little bit less hard when you’re doing a lot of reading or whatever else on a computer during the day.

Try Blue Light Glasses

Blue light is a certain light that is emitted by both natural sources like the sun and non-natural sources like screens. Although blue light does have certain benefits in smaller doses, we are now getting way too much exposure with the increase in screen and electronic usage. Trying blue light glasses could help you reduce eye strain and allow you to feel better and perform better throughout the day. Blue light coatings can simply be added to your lenses quite easily and is becoming a very common addition to many new lenses.

blue light glasses Vancouver will help you block out harful light emitted from screens

Reduce Screen Glare

We’ve all experienced it, where no matter how we adjust our laptop, there seems to be a glare coming from a window in the room or a light bulb that is shining bright. Reducing this glare is a step in the right direction to decreasing eye strain. The glare takes a toll on our eyes and causes them to have to work much harder.

Remember to get your regular eye exams and checkups. The earlier that issues, problems and bad habits become recognized, the more likely these problems are able to be treated.

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