Don’t Forget Your Eyes This Summer

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Going on a trip this summer? It’s the perfect time for it–lazy afternoons on the beaches, sunny walks on cobbled roads, new faces and places.

Don’t forget to pack for your eyes! You won’t have much fun exploring if you can’t see past your nose.

Contact lenses

Got travel-friendly contact lenses? Daily disposables are the most convenient for travelers. If you wear replacement contact lenses meant to last you weeks or months, make sure to bring extras. Bring them in your carry-on so you can still see even if they lose your luggage.

Contact lens care

Bring solution and a lens case. If you’re not using dailies, come prepared with these items. You can’t count on finding your specific brand of solution on your trip, and trying a new solution can be risky. Avoid transferring solution into a smaller container as this can contaminate the liquid. Look for the travel-sized bottles of solution made specifically for this purpose.


Even if you never wear them, bring them just in case. You could encounter new allergens or other airborne irritants while in a new place.


Keep your eyes protected from UVB and UVA rays with wraparound sunglasses. Contact lenses with UV protection still can’t protect your eyes as completely as sunglasses can.


Take a quick picture of your contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions. If you should for any reason need replacement eyewear on your trip, you’ll be glad you had this handy.


Going swimming? Goggles will help keep your eyes clear of irritants. Also: always remove your contact lenses before being submerged in water (swimming, soaking in the tub, etc.). Wearing contact lenses underwater can give you an eye infection.

Enjoy your trip to new frontiers, and the wonderful sights awaiting your clear, healthy eyes!



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