One Laptop Per Child Canada

One Laptop per Child Canada

One Laptop Per Child Canada

Every child in Canada should be able to receive proper education and use the proper tools with it. One Laptop per Child Canada sets out to provide better education for Aboriginal youth across Canada by giving them the proper tools for an enhanced education.

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One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Canada enhances education for Aboriginal youth with technological tools designed for creative, innovative, self-empowered learning.

Education Technology for Aboriginal Youth

The XO Tablet:

A full Android tablet, the XO tablet features a high-resolution screen and the latest Android operating system. The tablet is designed with a unique dream interface, wherein apps are organized according to a child’s interests and aspirations. Within each dream, there are many ways to develop competencies in related educational areas such as math, science and literacy. Each tablet can be used for up to 3 youth and 1 adult due to multiple user accounts. In Canada, the tablet is customized with an Aboriginal hero for each dream and comes preinstalled with Aboriginal books and language learning apps.

The XO Laptop Touch:

A small machine with a big mission, the XO laptop is a potent learning tool designed and built especially for children living. It’s about the size of a small textbook features a durable touch-screen. The XO has built-in wireless networking capabilities for communication between machines and with a local School Server without internet dependence. It’s extremely durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, and fun. For OLPC Canada deployments, the XO is provided with customized content for Aboriginal youth and specialized keyboards for Aboriginal languages.

School Server:

Designed to extend the capabilities of the XO laptop and tablet, the School Server provides localized access to educational resources and services. Students and teachers use their OLPC device to access the School Server and take advantage of lessons, educational videos and books. Teachers can create interactive off-line “webpages” to share educational content with their students and add to the library of 100+ ebooks, including books by Aboriginal authors. Internet access is not required.

Professional Development for Educators:

Support for educators is a central component of every OLPC Canada initiative. In order for technology to be utilized effectively within an educational environment, educators must be confident in the functionality and learning opportunities presented by the technological tool at hand. Educators receive training and resource materials before technology is distributed to students. On-going support is provided at a distance and through site visits.

Community Engagement:

OLPC Canada is committed to involving family members and community leaders at every step, from site selection to the program launch and events showcasing student achievement.

Good News from Aboriginal Canada:

OLPC Canada is dedicated to spreading good news about the achievements of Aboriginal youth and the contributions of individuals, groups and corporate sponsors who make this initiative possible.

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