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Odd Squad Productions Society

Odd Squad Productions Society delivers invaluable reality-based education on the consequences of engaging in risky behavior to thousands of students, parents, teachers, and community groups in the Lower Mainland, throughout B.C., Alberta, and across Canada.


From the Odd Squad Productions Society website

Odd Squad Productions Society is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization, created in 1997 by seven Vancouver City Police Officers. Its goal is to empower youth to make positive life choices about drug use and criminal behaviour through educational material as well as documentaries.

Today’s youth face difficult choices, enormous peer pressure, and more readily available and potent mind-altering drugs than at any other time in history.

Odd Squad Productions Society aims to educate the public about the devastating effects that high-risk behaviour has on members of the community. Located in Vancouver, it has a close connection to the streets of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and knows what it’s really like for some people in the area. It uses these often horrific stories at the forefront of its productions that are used to educate youth and stem change. Due to its success, its productions have reached throughout Canada and even internationally.

The organization has delivered its messages through award-winning and thought-provoking documentaries, educational presentations and peer to peer workshops which includes its highly effective Junior Hockey Mentorship Program.  It uses a reality based approach to educate people in order to tackle some of the worst social issues threatening the communities today. Odd Squad Productions Society firmly believes in the value of prevention and education in order to keep the youth safe.

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