International Anti-Poaching Foundation

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International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation was founded in 2009 and operates in southern and East Africa. The focus of the organization is ecosystem preservation, achieved through the two key functions of training and operations.

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The operational model is Akashinga, a community-driven conservation program, empowering disadvantaged women to restore and manage networks of wilderness areas.

Training is conducted under the LEAD Ranger initiative, a program of excellence, building field based indigenous leadership and instructional capacity across Africa’s conservation industry.

Registered in four countries, Dr Jane Goodall is our Patron and we have supported rangers that help protect over 6 million acres of wilderness across the continent.

Anti-poaching rangers form the first and last line of defence for nature. Without the right training, equipment, management and support they cannot protect the World’s natural heritage for future generations.

The IAPF builds and leads large scale conservation operations, maintaining a strong focus on community development in order to conserve biodiversity.

The requirement for inspiring urgent action towards the safekeeping of the planet cannot be overstated. This responsibility should transcend all levels of industry, business and society as we strive for a generation of people that give, not take. Increasing pressure on the world’s natural assets is simply not sustainable.



Wildlife crime is sweeping the planet. The illegal trafficking of wildlife is now one of the world’s largest criminal industries, with repeated links to terrorism networks.

High Target Species such as elephant and rhino are being hunted to extinction. These animals are the most difficult to protect, as poachers go to the most extreme lengths to kill them. If we can safeguard these animals, then entire ecosystems are protected.

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international anti-poaching foundation

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