Child Aid International

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Child Aid International

Child Aid International is a charitable foundation that respects and champions the rights of all orphan children, without discrimination by ethnicity, race, or faith. The organisation works to address the basic needs of orphan children by providing them with love, hope, inspiration and support to develop into healthy, caring, and confident individuals.

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Child Aid International is dedicated to effectively delivering aid in the most cost-effective manner possible. The organisation prides itself on the fact that over 90% of your donation will go directly to helping orphan children. Managed and run by a group of devoted volunteers, Child Aid International incurs very few administrative expenses thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your contribution. The organisation’s staff in both Iraq and Canada is comprised 100% by volunteers.

Child Aid International believes that a child is a child. The organisation seeks to help orphan children regardless of race, ethnicity or faith; it is currently sponsoring a diverse group of children. After all, every child deserves to have its dream fulfilled.


Having received the kind assistance from industry experts, Child Aid International has designed and implemented a strong control structure to help ensure that donations received are properly recorded and distributed. With senior volunteers constantly monitoring each aspect of the collection and distribution process, the organisation prides itself on its robust control environment.

Through its offices and dedicated volunteers in both Iraq and North America, Child Aid International is able to effectively implement its critical aid strategies.

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