Canadians for the Great Bear

Canadians for the Great Bear

Canadians for the Great Bear

First Nations rights and title, Spirit bears and salmon, whales, and wolves… All of these should be protected. The Canadians for the Great Bear make sure that it is and fights for the rights of many aspects of nature and First Nations rights. We at stand with them.

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Our Charter: This is no place for oil tankers

The Great Bear region of British Columbia’s north coast is one of the world’s largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforests. The Great Bear contains some of the Earth’s most pristine wild salmon rivers which flow to seas teeming with life. It is one of the richest and most spectacular ecosystems on our planet.

The Great Bear is a global ecological treasure, and its future is in our hands.

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline would bring millions of barrels of toxic crude oil and hundreds of massive oil tankers each year to this special place. Oil tankers and a pipeline present the unacceptable risk of oil spills that would threaten the ecosystems, jobs, cultures and communities of this region. 

In 2006, Canadian governments forged an historic agreement with First Nations, industry, and other groups to pursue a new vision for the Great Bear. Together, they set out a global model of sustainability designed to create jobs, attract investment, and strengthen communities while protecting ecosystems. 

This is the future we choose for Canada’s Great Bear. We choose a future that protects the region’s rare Spirit bears, and salmon, whales and wolves. We choose a future that respects First Nations rights and title. A future for the tens of thousands of long-term, Canadian jobs that rely on these healthy ocean and forest ecosystems.  

This is also the future we choose for Canada. There are better, more sustainable options for Canada’s economy and future energy security than accelerating our crude oil exports. Canada needs a thoughtful energy strategy that protects our natural heritage, respects deep Canadian values of fairness and inclusiveness, protects Canadian jobs, and safeguards the interests of all Canadians-now and in the future. 

Canadians have the opportunity to be good stewards of this global treasure, and good stewards of our country’s future.

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