Acuvue is the most popular contact lens brand in Canada

Why is Acuvue so popular in Canada?


Acuvue is a trusted brand from Johnson & Johnson who is the largest manufacturers of contact lenses in Canada and the world. Not only that, Acuvue is also the number one brand name in contact lenses both online and in optometry offices across the Canada as well. We stock a huge range of Acuvue products and we’ve rounded up three of the most popular ones below, just for you! Learn more below.

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The Most Popular Acuvue Contact Lens Products


Below you will find the three most popular Acuvue products, in order of their popularity in Canada. One thing is for sure, if this many people love these contact lens, then perhaps you would love them too! Talk to your optometrist about getting a “fitting” and see if they are right for you.


Acuvue Oasys With Hydraluxe


Ever suffer from dry eyes as a result of wearing contact lenses? Not anymore. Acuvue Oasys with Hydraluxe are the number one doctor-prescribed contact lens in the Canada and the world. Why? There are many reasons, see below for the details:

The Hydraclear Plus technology will keep your eyes moist and comfortable all day, every day. They are also awesome for working with computer screens because the technology mimics the natural properties of tears for exceptional performance.

It is also important to note that these Acuvue lenses also have built-in UV protection (both high UVA and UVB blocking) to proect against the sun. In fact they are blocking approximately 95% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays . This is a not-so-common quality of these lenses that we are finding through reseach are very important for the protection of our eyes and vision as we age. That is the highest protection you can get on the contact lens market.


1-Day Acuvue Moist


These very popular contact lenses are knowns for keeing irritants out and moisture in. In fact it is all in the name “moist”. Specifically, these lenses are designed with LACREON® Technology, which provides a long-lasting cushion of moisture for 20+ hours. The Acuvue Moist dailies fly off our shelves, and for good reason. These are the best hassle-free option for the busy, contact lens wearer who wants to put on a fresh pair of lenses every day. You see, LACREON is engineered to act like natural tears so your lenses will always retain that cushioned, soft feeling.

 And what about protection from those rays? Acuvue Moist has got you covered. These lenses provide protection from 82% UVA rays and 97% of UVB rays.


Acuvue Vita


Acuvue Vita is the best option for monthly daily lens wearers. These lenses are designed with both Hydramax and Infinity Edge technology meaning maximum hydration and comfort, all month long. So now that you have comfort covered, what about protection? With these lenses, your eyes are protected from 99% of UVB rays and 93% of UVA rays. Similar to the other Acuvue lenses, the Acuvue Vita range comes with visibility tints which make your lenses easy to see and each lens also has a 123 inside-out mark making it even easier to put your lenses on.


How Long Do The Contact Lenses Last?


As with all lenses, please follow your optometrist’s advice on how long you can wear contacts without removing them. But generally speaking, Acuvue Oasys replacement schedule is one week (extended wear) or two weeks (daily wear), whereas some others are dailies. Check the box or our website for instructions on who long you can wear each>

How Long Does A 12 Pack Last?


The replacement schedule for Acuvue Oasys 12 pack is one week (extended wear) and two weeks (daily wear). Yes, some folks like in Canada  like to “make them last” and wear them beyond that, but that is not recommended.


Can you sleep in Acuvue Oasys Contacts?


We recommend never sleeping with contact lenses in unless they are specifically designed for extended wear. Acuvue Oasys are FDA approved for extended wear of six consecutive nights. Please discuss this with your optometrist beforehand and make sure to only wear them as instructed and never for longer than specified. In fact, wearing them at night could be damaging. Beware.


Can you wear them twice?


You might be able to guess the answer to this commonly asked question! Unfortunately, the answer is no you SHOULD NOT! All daily Acuvue contact lenses should be worn only for the time prescribed, which is for ONE DAY ONLY. Once done, please discard. Your eye health is so important, so only ever wear contacts as instructed. If you’re looking for contact lenses which can be worn more frequently, then check out Acuvue’s other great options like Acuvue Oasys.


What Contact Solution is best for these Lenses?


The best contact solution will depend on what you’re looking for. For example, Biotrue Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution is great for comfort. For dry eyes, Opti-Free Pure Moist is your best bet. If you have sensitive eyes, Clear Care is a great option. You can check out our full range of contact lens solutions here to find your perfect match.


How much do they cost?


The prices of all contact lenses are always changing, because the manufacturers are often raising their prices, forcing us here at Contacts For Less to adjust accordingly. However, we do try to keep our contact lens prices as low as possible. We know Canadians are suffering under the current economic conditions and so we try harder to make life easier and everything we sell more affordable. The other thing that we offer here at Contacts For Less, is both a discount code (always available) and free shipping on every single order. Not only does this make the entire contact lens purchase more affordable, but it lets you know that we are doing everyting we can for you.


What about the donations to save the planet?


Well, this is where things get interesting. No other website in Canada (not one) donates over half of all net profits to help save the planet. Some donate some money, yes, but that usually equates to less than 1% of their profits. What is even cooler is that we donate over half of these profits to the charity or non-profit that YOU CHOOSE.


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