Can Acuvue Define Contact Lenses Make You Look Prettier?

According to the science behind Johnson & Johnson’s newest contact lens range Acuvue Define, these contacts can. But how can they?

The new Acuvue Define range was designed with the insight from scientific research in human psychology. Studies have found that a naturally darker and defined limbal ring, the line surrounding the iris (the pigmented part of your eye), is associated with attractiveness and youth, for both females and males. Enhanced limbal rings offer a more likeable appearance since it creates the illusion of brighter and whiter eyes.

What’s more, research has also found that people who naturally have darker and more defined limbal rings, are generally considered more attractive than people with no limbal rings. Because limbal ring size has also been found to decrease with age, a more defined and darker limbal ring also serves as a signal of youth.

It is this research that fueled Acuvue to create contact lenses that give you a young, healthy and bright look in your eyes with the Acuvue Define range.

acuvue define

A More Natural Look

Although coloured contact lenses are a great way to change up your look, they are not subtle nor chic. This generation is much more inclined to going for natural looks. The Acuvue Define range of contacts by Acuvue, do not just define the outer edge of the limbal ring, but they also allow the natural colour of your eyes shine through. This subtle technology of these natural lenses carefully creates and intensifies the patterns and natural light reflections on the iris.

Patients who already have made the switch over to Acuvue Define lenses can confidently use these coloured contact lenses without it  being painfully obvious that their eyes aren’t quite their own!

acuvue define


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