How Certain Corporations Love it & How Avoids it!

What is Greenwashing?


Have you ever heard of climate change? We bet you have! The longer us humans live on this earth, the more damage we are doing to the environment.


Companies and corporations cause a lot of this damage, so they have a huge part to play in minimising their environmental impact on the earth. People are now searching for companies with a purpose; companies who respect the environment.


This has led to a rising number of sustainable brands and environmentally conscious companies which is great! BUT – it has also led to the worrying trend of greenwashing. Many not-so-green and not-so-caring companies and corporations are trying to jump on the eco-bandwagon with false claims of how they are looking out for the planet, when in reality they are only looking out for themselves.


How so?


Introducing greenwashing!



greenwashing how to avoid it



Greenwashing is a sinister marketing trick that some companies use to fit in with the current trend of consumers leaning towards companies with a purpose and companies who care about the environment.

Even though not all companies are environmentally friendly, it seems ALL companies want their customers to think that they are, when in reality they couldn’t give two hoots. The only green they’re focused on is of the dollar variety!


Greenwashing is a marketing strategy to make you think ‘oh, well look at these changes they’ve made to become more environmentally friendly’ when in reality, those changes are not helping the environment in any meaningful way. These companies are solely focused on profit – but we wonder do they realise that without a planet, no profit can be made?


That seems pretty obvious to us! Maybe someone should tell them?


How do Companies Greenwash?



So how do these companies engage in greenwashing?


Are you now wondering if you’ve been tricked in the past by this slick marketing ploy? Let’s delve a little deeper.


Think about the bottled water industry. Bottled water is one of the biggest pollutants to the environment. Some bottled water brands are now advertising their bottles as ‘made from x% recycled plastics’ as if this is something that we should rejoice about. The bottom line is that they are still mass-producing plastic – and whether it’s made from recycled plastic or not, that bottle of water that’s used for less than a day will last a lifetime and will ultimately end up in our oceans, landfills or illegally burnt. Who knows!


A large part of the greenwashing strategy is ignoring the available eco-friendly alternatives and choosing cheaper, environment-damaging options instead. Why? To save money.


Continuing with the bottled water example, if those companies really cared, they would package their water in cardboard bottles as many truly green companies have done, alongside maybe going a step further and offering to plant trees to offset carbon emissions!


Cardboard is a much more environmentally friendly option but is overlooked by these companies. Doesn’t seem like they really care, does it?


How to avoid Greenwashing/how to identify greenwashing



So now that we know WHAT greenwashing is, HOW do we go about identifying it and avoiding it?


Well, best practice is to not automatically trust a company’s marketing message! After all, they are trying to sell you stuff at the end of the day. They will of course hide some of the ugly truths behind a glossy, greenwashed veneer.


Think of fast fashion. If a certain fast fashion retailer is trying to convince you that they have an eco-conscious line – will you believe them straight out? Or will you ask yourself why their WHOLE range isn’t eco-conscious – and whether it is even possible to mass produce eco-conscious clothing?!


We’re sure you have arrived at the right answer after thinking about those questions a little!


Cultivate curiosity, question brands, and do a quick google search on products you’re interested in e.g. ‘how to clothes shop sustainably’ or ‘eco-friendly bottled water brands’ and you will leave the world of greenwashing and enter a world of endless eco-possibilities. It’s a lovely world to be in!


What Large Companies have been Accused of Greenwashing?



Oh dear! Where do we start?


Here are a few companies whose products have been analysed to see if they are engaging in greenwashing. The results?


Turns out their green fingers may be green from dollar bills as opposed to green from their love of the environment! Fast fashion is also under the eco-microscope with fashion chains’ claims of cheap, mass-produced sustainable clothing lines! And some very wealthy coffee chains are refusing to switch to compostable cups, instead introducing EVEN MORE plastic into the world whilst celebrating the fact that they’ve ditched straws! The mind boggles – and mother nature worries!


How are Genuinely Green!


At, we genuinely care about the planet. It is centred around everything we do.


So much so, that we donate 51% or more (you read that right!) of our net profits to help save the planet! Actions speak louder than words (and greenwashing!) and we’re proud to be a top-rated, Canadian brand who are doing our bit to protect the planet and the people who live here (i.e. all of us!). Our mission is really quite simple.


When you buy from us, you are buying from a local, trusted, Canadian company with a purpose.


You are helping us to donate to planet-helping causes. Instead of purchasing your contact lenses from a large corporation or from a store abroad (where the purchase of the lenses WON’T lead to a donation, and the shipping of the lenses WILL lead to an increased carbon footprint), you are investing in Canada and in our planet. Buying online, supporting local, and enabling donations to important non-profits, has never been easier.


Simply browse the variety of brands we have on offer and when you’re checking out, choose the non-profit you would like us to donate to. We’ll do the rest!


Your dollars matter – make them work to support local business and to help the environment! You can learn more here about supporting local Canadian made brands with Local Boom.


But before you leave, first check out our awesome range of genuinely green contact lenses here!



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