Food Banks Across Canada

51% of Net Profits to Support Food Banks is launching a brand new food-charity project as we are experiencing this unsettling COVID-19 crisis. When you choose this charity you are enabling us to donate 51% or more of our net profits to an assortment of charities across Canada including critically-important food banks across our great nation. In other words, this is a time when we MUST come together for the good of the nation and the world and you are now a part of that great effort.

Help those most in need of food in times like these…

As you probably can figure out all by yourself, two things are true. One – we all need food to survive. Two – when times get really tough, the poorest and the most vulnerable (poor families, seniors, disabled, etc.) have a much harder time getting resources. That is why we are launching this “Food Banks Across Canada” project.

In Canada, we have been doing a good job of lowering the poverty rate. But the reality is that tens of thousands of Canadians still go hungry every night, and many are seniors, disabled and children. If that doesn’t break your heart, we don’t know what will.

COVID-19 has changed everything!

During the COVID-19 virus outbreak, distribution is being bottlenecked, resources are scarce, and those with more resources and income are more able to afford buying food online or have the time to go to the store whenever they need to in order to purchase groceries. Those who are “working poor” or even unemployed may not have the money, time or even ability to get to a store.

We need to do more. Period. As a result, we are doing what we can. You can help too. Just buy contact lenses with us Canada. It is pretty easy. Food banks is a great way to start. Yes – there is much to do, but if the poorest and most vulnerable can’t get access to food, there is little chance they can improve their own lives. Sometimes people just need a hand. Your hand with our hand is a great way to get that accomplished!

Work with us!

Yes. Work with us why don’t you? There is no other website in Canada like us – and certainly no other contact lens company like ours. Buy from us and you will see the difference. We are the fastest growing contact lens site in Canada. Why? Because we do everything differently.

To learn more about how food insecurity is a serious problem in Canada, click here.

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