3 Reasons Why People Choose Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

If you go back 10 or 20 years ago, Daily Disposable Contact Lenses were not something people had as an option. The disposable contacts that were available back then were switched every month or two months. Nowadays, the market and technology have evolved to bring us the Daily Disposable Contact Lenses that we love so much!

There are a lot of reasons why these contact lenses are so popular but the team at has decided to share 3 of the main reasons we have encountered the most when receiving feedback from our customers. 

Great For Your Eyes Health

Contact lenses that have been worn for 30 days can have accumulated deposits, tears, and rips that can affect your vision and the general health of your eyes, even with a proper care routine. It might have nothing to do with anything you have done, it’s just the reality of having something in your eye for so long. It has been known for quite some time that it was healthier to use Daily Disposable Contact Lenses but we had to wait until fairly recently to have an affordable and viable option for your daily contacts. This is why so many optometrists nowadays will prescribe them over any other type of contact lens. 

We still need to mention here that if you wear your Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for more than one day, most of the benefits are lost. We do not recommend sleeping with your dailies or wearing them for an extra day because they are not built for that. Monthly or weekly contact lenses are designed to last longer but keep in mind that the shorter you have the same contact in your eye, the better. 

Your vision and your eyes health are super important, this is why this is the number 1 of our ‘’Top 3’’.

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Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!

One of the major advantages Daily Disposable Contact Lenses have on monthly lenses is the improved comfort that they provide. If you have never tried dailies and you are not sure what we are talking about, think of it this way. The next time you put on your brand new monthly lenses, take the time to realize how good it feels, this is the feeling you get every day with Daily Disposable Contact Lenses. This level of comfort is only possible with dailies because there is no protein, calcium, or anything else that has the chance to build up in your lenses. 

No matter how good you are at keeping your contact lenses pristine, there will always be some build-up that can cause discomfort. The other thing is that your contact solution cannot get rid of everything. There is also the fact that your contact does not have the time to tear or break, you will never have to deal with this pain with Daily Disposable Contact Lenses!

A lot of people are switching to dailies for the comfort it brings and this is why it’s the number 2 on our list.


Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are Great If You Are An Active Person

If you are the kind of person that can’t stay in place or if you love traveling or even if you simply are on the road a lot for work, Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are the perfect option for you! You do not have to bring the whole cleaning kit for your contacts, that also means no more cleaning solution all over your luggage. Now, you can simply dispose of your dailies at the end of the day and get a new one in the morning. This is a simple solution that will help you if you are on the road or if you are traveling, this is why this is number 3 on our list.  

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