Customer Feedback: Wade E.

Customer Feedback from Wade!

“…Service and speed of delivery has been excellent…” says Wade. We can only thank him for such a grand customer review!

Here is the review from this first-time customer.

This is my first experience ordering contacts online and was hesitant at first. But service and speed of delivery has been excellent and the product is exactly what I get locally but at 1/3 of the cost. I will be a repeat client!

— Customer feedback from Wade E. of Prince Edward Island, last November 10, 2017

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Buy online with us you will realize why we are #1 for contacts in Canada! Online you save, online you save the planet. Can you believe what we have accomplished in the short time we have been a company? We have built ourselves up from nothing, with no investors or capital reserves. Here we are, the fastest growing online contact lens seller in Canada. We have done it and we’ll keep doing it for you, for Wade and for the planet.

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