Customer Feedback: Kate S.

Kate’s Feedback to us directly made us smile

“This is my favourite way to purchase contact lenses!” What an awesome thing to say Kate. Feedback like that inspires us.

We love being your favourite–yes, we do and your feedback is critially important to us. We read every single one of them and as a staff we discuss your feedback more often than you can imagine.

This is my favourite way to purchase contact lenses. The price is great, AND I know I’m making a contribution at the same time!

— Customer feedback from Kate S. of Ontario, last November 3, 2017

Here’s how you save money AND our planet when you shop at

  • Save 70% or more on our low, low prices. Plus FREE shipping for orders of $100 up!
  • Choose a charity from our list of over 50, and we’ll send them a whopping 51% of the net profits from every dollar you spend!

Why do we post this customer feedback with you by posting the reviews on our blog? Because we feel strongly that if we don’t blow our horn, no one will do it for us. One thing we do know is that other contact lens online sellers in Canada don’t like us very much. Why do they dislike us so much? Becausae we donate 51% of our net profits to help save the planet. They don’t do that at all, and maybe we make them look bad? Yeah, we understand. It is tough to be as good as us

When you look at the other online contact lens companies, take a moment to compare. We save you more money. We have better customer service. We have some of the lowest prices. We guarantee every single order. But more than that, we also donate our profits (not your money) to help save the planet. If that means something to you, not just talk, but the ACTION of it, then we are your company.

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