Adrianna: Review “Super Impressed”

“…super impressed by the prices, quick shipping, and overall customer service!”

We receive a lot of emails and reviews from customers. We have the HIGHEST RATED CONTACT LENS SITE IN CANADA. But we really love it when a customer actually goes to our website and writes us a message directly. Adrianna of Calgary, Alberta told us just how much we mean to her. Yes – a contact lens website makes that type of difference.

“I’m super impressed by the prices, quick shipping, and overall customer service! Also, the charitable donations make it all that much better to order from ContactsForLess!”

— Adrianna of Calgary, Alberta

When we came up with the of giving away 51% of our net profits, we discussed this idea exactly. By developing the most progressive and innovative contact lens site in all of Canada, we knew that we were making it difficult for people to say “NO” to us. 97% of all customers have given us a “Positive” rating (according to Google). There is a reason.

Thank you Adrianna and thank you to every single customer who supports the great work we are doing. Since we are giving away thousands of dollars – we don’t feel shy about saying that we are “doing a great job”!

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